Our Goals
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  • Increase AAV gene therapy efficacy and decrease the cost, making it accessible and affordable to patients.

  • Assist researchers to cure more diseases with AAV technologies.

  • Find the best AAV for each type of the cells and diseases.

AAV  Services
  • AAV vector design, clone, production

  • AAV expression cassette optimization

  • AAV serotypes selection sevices

  • AAV capsid library construction and selection services

  • sgRNA and shRNA selection services

ATHENA AAV screening platform
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  • Our ATHENA I AAV serotype screening platform allow customers to quick identify the best serotypes for their own purposes. ​

  • Our ATHENA II high-complexity AAV capsid libraries will accelerate our customers to develop their own gene therapy products.

AAV Technologies
  • AAV vector production systems

  • AAV vector purification technologies

  • AAV vector characterization methods ​

  • AAV Barcoding technologies

  • AAV selection strategies

AAV and  Gene Therapy
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  • AAV biology

  • Hemophilia A and B

  • Spinal muscular atrophy(SMA)

  • Inherited retinal disease