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At AAVnerGene, we help our customers develop their own AAV Vectors and AAV gene therapy products

If you have any question about your ongoing experiments related with AAV vectors, our AAV vector and molecular experts will assist you to correctly select AAV serotypes and expression cassettes before you start your projects. 

AAVnerGene developed an DNA barcode strategy that can efficiently compare hundreds of gene regulation elements in one experiment. 

AAVnerGene provides you consistent, high quality, affordable AAV vectors. We can package any kind of AAV capsids. Contact our AAV experts to help you choose the best potential AAV capsids for your projects. 

If you don't know which AAV is able to transduct your targets, our ATHENA I AAV Serotype screening platform will help you find the best AAV Capsids for your purposes. 

If you want to create your own AAV capsid, our AAV libraries may be useful for you.  We can generate high complexity(>1e9) AAV capsid libraries based on customer's request. Customer can choose  templates, insert sites, peptide length and the library complexity. 

One of keys for successful DNA Editing, RNA editing and Gene knockdown is to select efficient gRNAs and shRNAs. AAVnerGene provide selection packages for different Cas proteins and RNAi.

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