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About AAVnerGen Inc

AAVnerGene Inc is an innovative company specialized in adeno-associated virus(AAV) technologies. It is founded by a group of AAV gene therapy enthusiasts who dream to serve the community, promote and lead the future of gene therapy. Our passion is to solve the bottleneck problems in AAV gene therapy and find more and better cures for all the patients. We believe that hard core technologies are the key to achieve it. With 20 years of frontline gene therapy experience, our team develops novel AAV vectors, methods, technologies and strategies that can efficiently deliver and express transgenes in specific cells/tissues. We also aim to develop novel AAV packaging technologies to increase AAV yields.  Our final goal is to increase AAV gene therapy efficacy and decrease the cost, making it accessible and affordable to patients.

Costs and efficiency.png

  • Our novel AAV packaging technologies significantly increase AAV production efficiency and decrease the cost.

  • Our ATHENA AAV capsid screening platform allow us to efficiently select the best AAV capsid for each cell type in a high-throughput manner.

  • Our novel AAV library construction technologies make it possible to build high complexity AAV library and increase the possibility to find the high efficiency AAV capsids.

  • Our abundant resources of AAV capsid serotypes and variants bring us high possibility to identify the best AAV vector for each cell type and disease.

  • Our AAV barcoding technologies allow us to efficiently compare and select promoters, enhancers, and AAV capsid variants for each purpose. 

  • Our AAV design, clone and production services provide consistent, high quality, affordable AAV vectors for our customers.

  • Our AAV library construction services help our customer develop their own novel AAV capsids. 

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