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AAV Capsid Libraries

The various serotypes and variants of AAV that have been described can transduce a wide array of cells. Yet, the limited diversity of natural AAV serotypes restricts the application of AAV gene therapy vectors to certain target tissues and associated diseases. To enable cell- or tissue-directed gene expression, many artificially generated AAV variants have been established, often isolated from large pools of mutated capsids.


At AAVnerGene, we developed ATHENA AAV Screening platform. This AAV capsid library allow us to quickly identify and select new AAV serotypes that would perform as well or better than the currently used serotypes for a cell type, tissue or application. 

ATHENA AAV Capsid Screening Platform

ATHENA: AAVnerGene's Tissue-specific, Highly-transductive and Expressive New AAVs. ATHENA is a two-step AAV selection Platform. 

       First step, use our ATHENA I platform to select the best well known AAV vectors for each cell type.   

     Second Step, use our high complexity, random peptide ATHENA II  AAV library to further optimize the selected capsids in ATHENA I.

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