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Premade AAVs

AAVnergene offers a variety of pre-made AAV vectors with combination of different serotypes, promoters (CAG, CMV, EF1a, hSYN, CBh, mPGK, TBG, CaMKIIa, etc), fluorescent proteins (EGFP, mCherry, TdTomato) and reporters (Gluc, Cluc, Fluc, Rluc). The quality and the purity of these premade vectors are fully evaluated and confirmed by qPCR titer targeting the transgenes, endotoxin, SDS-PAGE gel and infectivity. The vectors can be purchased individually, or as part of a testing kit.

Premade AAV:  CAG-EGFP with different capsids

All the plasmids required to sign MTA before use.

mini-pHelper-Rep for AAV capsid library production
,mini-pHelper-based dual plasmid systems
AAVone system
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