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AAV Purification

AAV Purification

We provide cesium chloride (CsCl) based density gradients , iodixanol-based density gradients and AAVx resin methods for AAV purification.We can see clear viral bands for all the  AAV vectors we deliver. 

CsCl gradients

Cesium chloride density gradient ultracentrifugation is the conventional method of purification for all kind of AAV vectors. 

Iodixanol gradients
Cell Lines for AAV Production

The iodixanol gradient in this protocol is composed of steps that separate out contaminants from an impure AAV preparation. The 15% iodixanol step has 1M NaCl to destabilize ionic interactions between macromolecules. The 40% and 25% steps are used to remove contaminants with lower densities, including empty capsids. The 60% step serves as a cushion for genome-containing virions. Phenol red is added to clearly distinguish the steps. This method will help enrich the prep with full (genome containing) particles. 

AAVx resin

AAVX resin has demonstrated binding reactivity towards a set of AAV serotypes that includes AAV1 to AAV8, and AAVrh10 as well as synthetic serotypes.
With AAVX resin, we can do:
• One-step AAV purification from crude material with high purity and yield
• High specificity and capacity, maximizing yield by significantly reducing process steps
• Superior capacity maintained at high flow rates
• Excellent scalability and easier handling and packing due to rigid polymeric bead
• Non-animal derived


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