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Core Vulues of AAVnerGene

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Our passion is to solve the bottleneck problems in AAV gene therapy and find more and better cures for all the patients. We believe that hard core technologies are the key to achieve it. AAVnerGene develops novel AAV vectors, methods and strategies that can efficiently produce, deliver and express high quality vectors into specific cells. Our goal is to increase AAV gene therapy efficacy and decrease the cost, making it accessible and affordable to patients.


AAVnerGene provides you consistent, high quality, affordable AAV vectors. Customers can compare different batch AAV vectors which are ordered from our company.  AAVnerGene offers AAV barcoding technology and high complexity capsid library. Customers can directly select and develop their own novel AAV vectors for gene delivery and gene therapy.

Commitment to customers

Customer satisfaction is a number one priority for AAVnerGene. Our company is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service, listening to customer requests and being reachable at all times. This has enabled us to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and partners.


When we use the word ownership, we are referring to a culmination of personal accountability, a culture of organizational responsibility, and owning the outcomes and consequences of our actions. Taking ownership means that we hold ourselves accountable in all our operations and efforts. 


The strength of our team does not only lie in our combined experience and expertise but our ability to trust each other, no matter what the circumstances. We know that our best work is not produced by individuals but by enjoying collaboration as a team and supporting each other every day. This team mentality also extends to our clients as we approach every business relationship as a partnership and work collaboratively with each other to meet our goals.


We are constantly aiming to grow both as individuals and as a company. We believe that the journey of education is a lifelong pursuit, and that this kind of lifelong learning is what will continue to push us forward as a company.

Join our team at AAVnerGene

AAVnerGene is looking for passionate people who are motivated to make an impact in AAV vectors, AAV capsid library and AAV gene therapy.  


We currently seek a LAB TECH with HANDS-ON MOLECULAR BIOLOGY TECHNIQUES to work onsite in Rockville/North Bethesda, Maryland. This is a full time, long-term position which offers competitive salary and opportunity to work with AAV and gene therapy technologies.  

The technician shall:
1. Work with scientists to understand the overall laboratory goals, set priorities and devise specific plans for projects.
2. Perform techniques of molecular biology, including PCR, quantitative RT-PCR, SDS-PAGE, gene cloning, vector construction, plasmid preparation and et al.
3. Perform cell culture, transfection and transduction.
4. Perform AAV purification.
5. Perform ELISA.
6. Update and maintain laboratory databases and notebooks. 7. Collect, analyze and interpret data and samples.
8. Prepare reports and summaries based on findings and results.

REQUIREMENTS. The applicant must have:

1. Legal working status.
2. BS or MS in Biology with one year of experience in a research laboratory environment.
3. Hands-on experience with DNA/RNA (nucleic acid) isolation and manipulation.
4.Hands-on experience with PCR, SDS-PAGE, quantitative RT-PCR, gene cloning, and vector construction.
5. Experience with genetic modification of cell lines with transfection and transduction. 6. Hands-on experience with Cell culture, and ELISA.
7. Excellent analytical, organizational, and time-management skills.


12358 Parklawn Dr. Suite260, North Bethesda, MD 20852.




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