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AAV Cassette Optimization

AAV vectors can deliver transgenes to diverse cell types and are therefore useful for basic research and gene therapy. Although AAV has many advantages over other viral vectors, its relatively small packaging capacity limits its use for delivering large genes. The available transgene size is further limited by the existence of additional elements in the expression cassette without which the gene expression level becomes much lower. Thus, it is very important to optimize the AAV expression cassettes and systematically evaluated their expression efficiency in your targets to maximize the transgene size available within the AAV packaging capacity while not compromising the transgene expression.

AAVnerGene developed an DNA barcode strategy that can efficiently compare hundreds of gene regulation elements in one experiment. Customers can choose their own promoters, reporters, barcode strategies, AAV capsids and other elements. Please contact us for more information.

For example: Promoter comparison

AAVnerGene will do the plasmid construction and AAV production.


Customers will do the following experiments.

Procedures of making custom AAV selection packages
Custom Capsid Selection Kit.png
Price and Time

Construction of reporter plasmids: 1-2 week.

Construction of barcoded reporter library: 1-2 week

Production of AAV library: 1-2 weeks. 

Quality control:1-2 weeks.

Total time: 4~8 week. 

Please contact us to get a quote. 

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